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§ 350-170 Interpretations.
A. General. It is recognized that all possible uses and variations of uses that might arise cannot reasonably be listed or categorized. If a proposed use resembles identified uses in terms of intensity and character, and is consistent with the purpose of this chapter and the applicable zoning district, it shall be classified as such identified use and shall be subject to the regulations for the use it most nearly resembles.
B. Interpretation from the Zoning Board of Appeals. The Code Enforcement Officer shall have the authority to request an interpretation from the Zoning Board of Appeals to assist his or her interpretation of a provision of this chapter.
C. Limitations on making interpretations. The Code Enforcement Officer and the Zoning Board of Appeals shall be permitted to make interpretations in any manner it deems fit; however, such Officer and Board shall not have the authority to alter or change this chapter or allow a use that which would be inconsistent with the requirements of this chapter; provided, however, that in interpreting and applying the provisions of this chapter, the requirements shall be deemed to be the spirit and intent of this chapter and do not constitute the granting of a special privilege.