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§ 350-171 Procedural time limits.
The SEQR process may extend the various procedural time limits set forth throughout this chapter. For those actions taken under this chapter that are subject to SEQRA, all time frames and deadlines otherwise set forth in this chapter may be delayed until a determination of significance has been made and, if required, a draft EIS has been filed.

§ 350-172 Type 1 actions.
Upon determination that an application is classified as a Type 1 action as designated by this chapter or SEQRA, the designated approval authority has the authority to transmit such application to the Town Attorney, Town Engineer and/or a qualified consultant for his/her/their review and recommendations. Furthermore, the Town Attorney, Town Engineer and/or a qualified consultant may be required to assist the designated approval authority in his, her or their obligations as prescribed by SEQRA. The cost of such assistance and review shall be at the expense of the applicant.