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Stop-work order
§ 350-183 General.
Whenever the Code Enforcement Officer finds any work regulated by this chapter being performed in a manner contrary to the provisions of this chapter, or in a dangerous or unsafe manner, the Code Enforcement Officer is authorized to issue a stop-work order.

§ 350-184 Issuance.
A stop-work order shall be in writing and shall be given to the owner of the lot of record, or to the owner's agent, or to the person doing the work. Upon issuance of a stop-work order, the cited work shall immediately cease. The stop-work order shall state the reason for the order, and the conditions under which the cited work is authorized to resume.

§ 350-185 Service of a stop-work order.
The Code Enforcement Officer shall cause a stop-work order, or a copy thereof, to be served on the owner of the affected property personally or by certified mail. The Code Enforcement Officer shall be permitted, but not required, to cause the stop-work order, or a copy thereof, to be served on any builder, architect, tenant, contractor, subcontractor, construction superintendent, or their agents, or any other person taking part or assisting in work affected by the stop-work order, personally or by certified mail; provided, however, that failure to serve any person mentioned in this sentence shall not affect the efficacy of the stop-work order.

§ 350-186 Imminent danger.
Where an imminent danger exists, the Code Enforcement Officer shall not be required to give a written notice prior to stopping the work.

§ 350-187 Unlawful continuance.
Any person who shall continue any work after having been served with a stop-work order, except such work as that person is directed to perform to remove a violation or unsafe condition, shall be culpable of a violation of this chapter.