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Principal use, permitted
Except for the Lakefront Residential (LR) Zoning District, more than one principal use (aka "mixed use development") but not greater than three principal uses may be operated at a lot of record provided it conforms to all of the following:
(1) The uses proposed at a mixed use development are authorized at the zoning district it is proposed to be located.
(2) The proposed uses at a mixed use development conform to the standards prescribed in this chapter.
(3) The mixed use development conforms to the applicable requirements of the Uniform Code, such as, but not limited to, the installation of fire rated assemblies, fire protection systems and/or fire separation distances.
(4) At a mixed use development, a lot of record shall have a minimum lot area that equals the minimum lot area mandated by the subject zoning district times by the number of proposed uses. For example, an owner of a lot of record at the Agricultural Residential Zoning District proposes two distinct principal uses. This chapter prescribes that the minimum lot area for such zoning district is two acres. Therefore, such lot of record shall have a minimum lot area of four acres, which is the product of two acres times by two proposes uses.
(a) Exemptions:
[1] A lot of record whose principal uses are a farm operation and single-unit dwelling.