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Temporary structures and uses
A permitted use established for a fixed period of time with the intent to discontinue such use upon the expiration of such time. Such use does not involve the construction or alteration of any permanent structure. Lastly, the fixed period of time shall be determined by the Code Enforcement Officer but in no case shall such time, except those for uses at construction sites or farm operations, be issued for more than six months.
A. Temporary structures and/or uses shall comply with the applicable regulations of this chapter as it pertains to permanent structures and/or uses unless authorized otherwise. Furthermore, temporary structures and/or uses shall be completely removed within 10 business days.

B. Exemptions:
(1) Agricultural business that is temporary in nature (e.g., farmers' market, farm stand, etc.).
(2) Special events whose time frame from setup to final cleanup/removal is over 10 business days.
(3) Temporary agricultural building.
(4) Temporary emergency and disaster shelter when approved by an AHJ.